Galloway Glass Fibre provides fibreglass roofing throughout the Kirkcudbright and the entire Dumfries and Galloway area.
Our fibreglass roofing materials:

We use only the highest grade fibreglass roofing materials. They come in a variety of lengths and can be specially manufactured to suit your requirements.

Our fibreglass roofing installers:

Galloway Glass in Kirkcudbright & holds a team of highly experienced and competent installers. Each one of our fibreglass roofing installers is an approved and trained addition to the team. They have installed fibreglass roofs to countless properties in Kirkcudbright to client satisfaction.

The benefits of a fibreglass roofing installation:

There are several benefits to a fibreglass roofing installation. A key advantage over rubber or other roofing material is the fact that fibreglass is watertight. It is so impenetrable to water that it is used to build boats. When installed by expert fibreglass roofing installers, the finish is entirely waterproof.

An additional advantage is the durability of fibreglass roofing. Fibreglass is a strong material that will last you well over 20 years. The wear of age is far slower and less telling on fibreglass roofing installations than it would be on those of felt or rubber.

And lastly, fibreglass is suited to almost any roof by its very nature. It can easily be moulded around rooftop obstacles such as decorative objects, structures or lights.

We have been installing fibreglass roofing in Kirkcudbright and throughout Dumfries and Galloway for years, and can vouch for the difference!

Who could benefit from fibreglass roofing?

Both domestic and commercial property owners in Kirkcudbright & stand to benefit from a fibreglass roofing installation. This durable material adds tremendous value and longevity to a household, shop, office, or other building. We readily provide an expert team of fibreglass roofing installers for bigger commercial properties in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloways and surrounds, and put just as much dedication into the smaller fibreglass roofing installations for domestic properties in Galloway.

Other fibreglass services:

Galloway Glass strives to provide a comprehensive experience. For this reason, we offer the following additional fibreglass services in Kirkcudbright and surrounding areas:

  • Fibreglass repair
  • Fibreglass moulding
  • Fibreglass suppliers
  • CNS pattern work

Considering a fibreglass roofing installation in Kirkcudbright? Contact Galloway Glass on 07904784600 for more information.