Get fibreglass repair work carried out by Galloway Glass in Kirkcudbright & Dumfries and Galloway, and surrounding areas.

When does fibreglass need repair?

While resilient, fibreglass may sustain damage from long-term use, prolonged pressure, severe impact or other destructive elements. Cracks, breaks or other damage could well indicate that it is time to look into a fibreglass repair service. Fibreglass repair can also prevent the damaged fibreglass from getting worse.

Why get your fibreglass repaired?

Fibreglass is known for its longevity. Knowing your fibreglass likely still has several years of life in it gives one all the incentive to repair the damaged fibreglass rather than rip it away. Large investments such as roofing, boats, signage and other objects could certainly use the extension of their life for your continual use. Damaged fibreglass doesn’t need to mean the end of your fibreglass object. A reputable fibreglass company such as Galloway Glass can effortlessly provide fibreglass repair services to remedy the damage. We have provided effective and affordable fibreglass repair to clients throughout Kirkcudbright & Dumfries and Galloway, as well as surrounding areas.

Rather than undergoing an entirely new installation, or replacing the product with the broken fibreglass, why not look into getting the fibreglass repaired?

Galloway Glass performs seamless fibreglass repair in Kirkcudbright, as well as surrounding areas. You can expect your roof, building, boat or other fibreglass subject to look as good as new in the aftermath.

If you require fibreglass repair in Kirkcudbright, contact Galloway Glass on 07904784600. We fulfil all your fibreglass repair requirements.

Galloway Glass in Kirkcudbright proudly provides:

  • Fibreglass roofing
  • Fibreglass moulding
  • Fibreglass repair
  • Fibreglass supplies
  • Fibreglass boat repair
  • Fibreglass tank and pond installation or repair
  • Fibreglass sign installation or repair