We provide fibreglass moulding to commercial and residential properties in Kirkcudbright & Dumfries and Galloway, as well as surrounding areas.

Fibreglass moulding for almost all applications

We provide fibreglass moulding in almost every shape and size. This means that the moulding can be used to accommodate a wide array of applications.

What are the benefits of fibreglass moulding?

Fibreglass is simply plastic reinforced with glass. By its nature, it is intrinsically stronger and more durable than its plastic counterpart, yet not as unyielding as glass. This freedom of shape coupled with resilience makes it the obvious choice for seamless design. The flexibility of shape and versatility of functions lends fibreglass mouldings to the most creative and innovative of structures, and has transformed our approach to architecture. Fibreglass moulding is not limited to building application thanks to its near limitless potential for shape, style, colour or size.

Other benefits of fibreglass moulding include its longevity. Fibreglass is well-known for withstanding corrosion. You can consider any fibreglass moulding created by Galloway Glass in Kirkcudbright to be a long-term investment.

Custom fibreglass moulding

We provide custom fibreglass moulding in Kirkcudbright as well as surrounding areas. You can achieve any design or architectural ambition you have in mind with the versatile nature of fibreglass. We work closely with you to ensure your fibreglass moulding meets the specifications of the project.

Who can use fibreglass mouldings?

We predominantly provide fibreglass mouldings to the construction industry. That said, countless other industries are seeing the benefits of fibreglass moulding. These include marine, automotive, defence authorities, and many more. We provide:
  • Building fibreglass moulding
  • Design fibreglass moulding
  • Boat fibreglass moulding
  • Water tank fibreglass moulding
  • Pond fibreglass moulding
  • Sign fibreglass moulding

And much more.

Explore endless design options for your new building or application. Get reliable fibreglass moulding in Kirkcudbright as well as Dumfries and Galloway, with Galloway Glass.